Delhi HC will hear petitions for the incorporation of oxygen concentrators on the list of basic commodities

The Delhi High Court will entertain a plethora of pleas today, all of which request that oxygen concentrators be put on the list of essential commodities so that they can be covered underneath the Essential Commodities Act.

The applications will be heard by a bench of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Jasmeet Singh, urging the Court to classify medical supplies like oxygen concentrators as essential commodities underneath the Essential Commodities Act.

There are several cases of people that have survived from Covid-19 but are suffering from post-Covid problems, according to the petitions. Earlier in 2020, the Court asked a committee of specialists from both the GNCTD and the Central Government to develop a protocol/standard operating procedure to deal with post-Covid problems.

“Since we’ll be seeing a more widespread and fatal variant- the Double Mutant Variant- it is critical that new procedures and SOPs be developed to cope with post-Covid problems,” the report added.

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