The famous heart pathologist Dr. KK Aggarwal is no longer in this world

 In this era of Corona, every single day, he used to make people aware through his videos. But the cruel hands of Kaal snatched them away from us.This second wave of the Corona epidemic is certainly frightening. 

The shocking news on Tuesday morning left everyone stunned when it was revealed that Dr. KK Aggarwal, former IMA president and president of the Heart Care Foundation, is no longer in this world.

 KK Aggarwal’s departure from this world got upset because he was informing people about ways to avoid corona even before going to the hospital. No one can believe his death that the flame of the person who was expecting thousands of people will be extinguished.

 Umesh Upadhyay, who was a senior journalist tweets about Dr KK Aggarwal,that “KK Aggarwal not only served the people through a stethoscope but also had human compassion hidden in him. He did not just think about himself. It was his nature to help friends come forward in times of difficulty.”

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