As in P&H High Court, a petition was filed seeking protection for frontline health care workers as well as legal immunity from civil and criminal prosecution

A Public Interest Litigation case has been filed in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, requesting legal exemption for medical practitioners and final year medical students from frivolous and unjust punishment.

Ambika Yadav filed the PIL through Advocate Vipul Sachdeva, arguing that frontline health workers should not be subjected to any financial or personal costs as a result of COVID.

“That the services of medical professionals, health workers, and other associated staffs are worthy of recognition can also note increased incidents of medical staff maltreatment by families of patients or civil and criminal liability put on physicians and hospitals in the aftermath of unavoidable situations,” the request adds.

According to the PIL, there have been arguments that medical practitioners should be temporarily exonerated of medical negligence due to the difficult conditions under which they are operating during the epidemic.

The petition proposes that this court, as guardian of basic rights, draught balanced norms or guidelines that might serve as sovereign immunity for the class of medical practitioners—but only for a limited period.

According to the appeal, “There have been several documented and undocumented events in the state of Haryana in which the police have failed to protect frontline medical personnel, as well as cases in which the families of covid patients have physically assaulted physicians and other hospital personnel. Angry crowds have also wreaked havoc on the hospital’s assets.”

Despite the fact that the situation is terrible and expected to worsen in the future, the plea contends that the Court should intervene and give specific instructions and directives to shield the medical professionals and hospitals from any civil or criminal culpability that may arise.

Finally, the plea alleges that the state failed to discharge its responsibilities, causing the issue to spiral out of control globally.

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