Users Are Free To Leave: WhatsApp Tells Delhi High Court

Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp stated that the 2021 Update is “not mandatory”, and WhatsApp is not forcing anyone to accept the newly introduced update.

Users have the liberty to either accept the 2021 Update or they can choose not to do so, and stop using the messaging platform and that they also have the option to delete their WhatsApp accounts as and when they want

Many Internet-based applications and websites have similar policies and some collect even more data. But WhatsApp is giving its users, the control and choice, which others do not provide and most of the platforms weren’t as transparent as WhatsApp is.

WhatsApp has also pointed out that platforms like food-delivery app Zomato, ride-hailing app Ola, Indian government’s Aarogya Setu app, and video conferencing app Zoom collect a similar or more amount of data.

WhatsApp’s affidavit also points fingers at other US tech giants — Google and Amazon. In addition to this, it has also named Republic World, the digital venture of Republic TV.

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