Delhi Oxygen Bank: Kejriwal government’s new plan to beat Corona, Oxygen Bank will start in Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal has fully geared up to deal with the corona virus in Delhi. The Delhi government has prepared a new plan for the patients suffering from lack of oxygen and the problem of beds in hospitals.

 He said that to strengthen the fight against Corona, we are going to start the first Oxygen Bank (OCB) in Delhi. The Chief Minister informed that 200 Oxygen Constructor Banks will be created in each district of Delhi.During this announcement, he said that we will supply oxygen to the home for the patients living in home Isolation.

He said that as soon as the doctor will advise the patients living in the house for oxygen, we will deliver oxygen to the house within two hours.The Chief Minister said that if for some reason you are not a part of home isolation, then by calling 1031, you can become a part of home isolation. 

During this time, our doctors will first assess the patient whether you need oxygen or not, if the doctor’s team says that you need oxygen, then you will be given an oxygen concentrator.Please tell that in the capital Delhi, there is a steady decline in the cases of corona patients. 

During the last 24 hours, only 6500 Corona virus infection cases have been reported in Delhi. In Delhi, the infection rate has come down to 11 percent.

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