The crime cannot be reversed by the system: The Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court awarded Rs 6 lakh in interim compensation to a minor survivor of sexual harassment, citing there’s nothing more that can be performed besides punishing the accused and it can’t reverse the crime.

Justice Anup J Bhambhani of a single judge bench ordered the Delhi State Legal Services Authority to allocate the funds, saying,
“Because the system cannot turn back time or “reverse” the crime, the court has no choice but to convict the perpetrator and to provide the victim through whatever psychosocial intervention and sense of confidence that financial damages could provide.”

For doing so, the Court overturned a trial court order that had compensated the victim Rs 50,000 in interim compensation.

The Court ruled that, in addition to that the victim’s real costs for psychiatric treatment and care are covered, resources must also be placed in the hands of the family of the victim so that they should provide for his educational needs and secure transportation to school.

The interim compensation granted will be adjusted against the final compensation awarded by the trial court after the trial is completed, according to the Court.

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