“Quite disturbed” that Remdesivir is being distributed by politicians, film stars: Bombay HC

On wednesday the Bombay High Court seeks an explanation from the Central and State governments on how Remdesivir, the drug used for treatment of COVID-19 patients, and which is scarce in supply, can be distributed through a parallel channel by political and film personalities.

Consequently, the same would amount to illegal stocking of such drug thus introducing a system of its indiscriminate availability, which would cause serious prejudice to patients who are in urgent need of such medicines in most deserving cases.

An application was filed in this regard by advocate Rajesh Inamdar seeking inquiry into the manner of procurement and supply of drugs like Remdesivir and Tocilizumab by individual persons.

Further the Court acknowledges that although in some cases such political and film personalities may help the needy patients, but, the drug being available with such personalities who are not part of the official machinery raises serious concerns, which need to be looked into immediately by the Central government as well as by the State government.

The Court said that if it found any private company accquiring COVID-19 drugs and distributing them to the individuals directly, then it would pass an order of injunction against them.

This matter will be heard again on May 19, 2021.

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