Plea seeking mechanism for regulation of cost of COVID-19 treatment across the nation filed before the Supreme Court

A plea filed by Advocate Sachin Jain has sought directions to Centre to bear the cost of expenses for the treatment of COVID19 at hospitals for the poor and marginalised section of the society. It alleges commercial exploitation of patients in private hospitals. It seeks to regulate the amount chargeable by the hospital for COVID treatment throughout the nation.

Further the plea argues that the nation is fighting against a pandemic and all the private entities in the health care sector should be called upon to provide services without a profit-based outlook.

The petition further seeks the Court to direct the central government to restrict the commercialisation of private health care sector and identify the entities taking advantage of the emergency situation of patients. It states that insurers are objecting to the inflated bills being charged by the private hospitals becoming a big concern for the insurance industry.

A large section of the society does not possess any insurance and are not even benefitted from any government scheme; hence it is a matter of grave concern for the citizens of the country.

The petitioner while citing many judicial precedents has brought to the notice of the court that preservation of human life stands before any other factor and the exploitative commercial nature of private hospitals should be strongly condemned.

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