Delhi HC directed Delhi government to fix hospital charges for Covid-19 patients

On Wednesday, the Delhi Government was directed by the Delhi High Court regarding the fixation of the price cap again by holding a meeting with the administration of the health institution.

A circular was also Issued in June, 2020 regarding the price capping for the treatment of the Covid19 patients, however, advocate Abhay Gupta told the court that though there are no official complaints being filed but the social media is full of many such incidents where it was claimed that private hospital are charging a huge amount for the treatment of the Covid19 and the June,2020 circular is not being followed.

The court remarked that the Government was directed on May 7 to revise it’s June, 2020 circular as it’s the issue of price which can’t be resolved easily.

Advocate, Gupta said that in the June,2020 circular, there was no consequences mentioned therein for not adhering to the circular, and also cited that, now, the circular can be issued in line with the circular issued by the Kerala Government, which specifically mentioned everything.

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