Bombay High Court Goa Bench: People can’t simply die because of lack of drivers

In South Goa Advocates Association v. State of Goa & Ors., the Goa Bench of Bombay HIgh Court said that, “COVID-19 patients should not be at the risk of losing their lives due to logistical and technical failures of the government in ensuring that Oxygen supply for COVID hospitals is replenished on time”.

The Bench said that it is “pained that such logistical issues should give rise to serious consequences to the COVID patients”.

The Court came to this observation while hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) petition filed by South Goa Advocates’ Association (SGAA) seeking court’s intervention in issues related to COVID-19 management in Goa. It was prayed that State does not face issue of Oxygen shortage, replenishing the stocks in hospitals on time due to logistical problems like unavailability of experts to drive tractors which transport oxygen trolleys is causing issues.

The Court was informed that in a single medical college, 40 deaths have taken place, most of the deaths were caused by low level of oxygen. The hospital authorities said that the patients died were on ventilators on the above floors where oxygen levels fell when it was being replenished.

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