» Telangana High Court slammed the state government for preventing ambulances transporting Covid -19 patients from neighbouring states.

» The state has sealed borders for transport Covid patients through ambulances to neighbouring states to Hyderabad is a gross violation of the rights of citizens protected under Article 14 & 19(1)(d). This art 19(1)(d) provides to move freely throughout the territory of India.

» This remarks made and held today based on newspaper reports that Covid patients were stopped at inter state borders for treatment to Hyderabad.

» Chief Justice Hima Kohli said, How can you do this? You are stopping people from entering without any official order and without letting the public know?

» Even if the state government want to impose any restrictions they should inform in advance and issue circular to the public.

» The court also said that until issuing circular by state government, Telangana police shall not prevent any ambulance carrying Covid patients from one state to another state for medical treatment.

» Justice Kohli pointed out an earlier occasion done on April 23, ‘Whether it need any restrictions on borders from neighbouring states’ – it had inquired from the state. But now ‘You are behaving like Yo Yo balls, swinging from one end to another’.

» She further stated that the State should not impose any conditions to ill patients who are transported for medical treatments. Justice Reddy also contented the same – ‘ You cannot stop people from entering Telangana’

» He also suggested to states to issue an advertisement in neighbouring states for shortage of medical facilities.

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