Allahabad HC : Compensation Must Be At Least ₹ One Crore For Death Of Polling Officers Due To COVID During Election Duty

On tuesday, the Court observed that the State must grant at least Rs. 1 crore as ex-gratia compensation to the families of polling Officers who died due to COVID-19 while after the UP panchayat polls.

A division bench observed that it was not a scenario that somebody volunteered to render the services during election rather it was all made obligatory for them to perform their duties despite of their reluctance.

Thus, UP Government announced compensation of ₹ 30,00,000 for bereaved families.

However, the High Court observed that amount of compensation is too less and families must be granted ₹ 1 crore for the loss.

Further the court stated that neither State Government nor State Election Commission did anything to save people on election duty despite of the fact that they were all aware with threat of pandemic and yet forced teachers, investigators, to take the risk.

Therefore, the High Court dismissed the pleas seeking postponement of UP Panchayat elections amid Covid second wave, saying that state has put in place adequate safety protocols.

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