Kerala politician, Advocate KR Gouri Amma passes away

Advocate KR Gouri Amma, the legendary politician from Kerala passed away earlier this morning.

Gouri was born on July 14,1991 in Pattanakkad village. She attended schools at Thiravoor and Cherthala and completed her college education at Maharaja’s at St. Teresa’s college both in Ernakulam. She also received a Law degree from Government law college, Thiruvananthapuram.

Gouri Amma was the first woman lawyer from Kerala’s Ezhava community which is classified as Other Backward Caste (OBC).

After setting up her law practice at Cherthala she plunged into full time politics by joining the Communist Party.

In the first assembly elections held after the creation of Kerala State, she became the Revenue minister in the Communist government led by EMS Namboodiripad.
As the Revenue Minister, she is famously known for presenting the Land Reforms Bill in 1957, which altered land holding in the State and ushered in social changes.

Apart from the Land Reforms Bill, another major contribution to modern Kerala was that she helped draft and present the Women’s Commission Bill and Anti-Corruption Bill in 1987.

With the demise of the revolutionary leader, the curtains have come down on a chapter in Kerala politics as she was the last in the generation of political leaders who shaped the cornerstones of the present State, being part of the first elected Cabinet.

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