Kerala High Court warns private hospitals against charging high rates of COVID treatments

The Kerala High Court on Monday gave strong warnings to the private hospital for over-pricing the COVID treatments. It further asked the hospitals to abide by the rates prescribed by the government order published today.

The court while not specifying the name of the hospital made it clear that it would monitor compliance with the Government order by stating it has a whole list of hospitals working with approach of profiting from the miseries of people in the current crisis. It even cited an instance where a person was charged Rs. 1300 for treatments.

The Bench of Justices Devan Ramachandran and Dr Kauser Edappagath orally cautioned hospitals to charge the specified rates as per todays government order. It stated that all the hospital working for COVID patients would be bound by the strict rates prescribed by the Government order.

The Court referred to the order that enforces the Kerala Clinical Establishment Act, 2018 and it Rules while pointing out that Section 39 and Rule 19 required the hospitals to show the rates being charged.

The court urged the State to set in place a redressal mechanism that monitors complaints of high costs of treatment being charged by the private hospitals. The court further ordered that no private hospital shall be entitled to charge on medical facilities more than the cost price.

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