Punjabi University,Patiala:Clashes between outsider and students; 6 students injured including girls & former head Raju

On Friday night, the student’s brother-in-law asked for forgiveness from his brother’s brother for walking on campus.

In Punjabi University, there was a clash between outsider and students outside the library late on Saturday evening and there was a fierce commotion. In which the brother of former head Rajinder Raju and a accused were injured. 5 students of the students’ jathabandi were injured. 

The police, who reached the spot, pacified the uproar and started the investigation. At the same time, the injured are being treated at Rajindara Hospital.

An outsider was caught by Students Jathandbandi late on Friday. Whose information was given to the security. PUP security reached the spot and spoke to the students and the students apologized to the outsider. Posted a video of this. The case was over. 

On Saturday, when Mulajim and his family came to talk to the students, there was some debate and an uproar started.

Thana Urban Estate SHO said that police had reached on the information of dharna. A quarrel has taken place. Action will be taken by recording the statements of the injured.

Former Principal Rajinder Raju, who went to ask about the uploaded video, said that it is the job of security to stop those who are coming to the Outsider Campus.

On Monday, he will talk to the employees and make a further strategy.

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