Chief Justice of India N. V. Ramona, Justice Nageshwara Rao and Surya Kant passed the directions for prisoners in the suo moto case

» No arrests should infringe Arnesh Kumar judgment!
In this judgment, guidelines provide by the court on 2014 not to make arrests in violation of guidelines laid down by the court.
Except in cases of offences are punishable with less than 7 years imprisonment. SC felt in order to limit arrests and need to reiterate this Arnesh Kumar verdict.

They directed to create who haven’t constituted High Power Committee (HPC) last year are directed to do so immediately.

Inmates released on last year should be consider by HPCs. It further consider fresh release and also release all inmates who had been released earlier.

» 90 days parole for all those inmates who were granted parole. SC earlier orders, should be again done this minimum 90 days parole to them.

» Updated in websites:-
For transparent administration prison occupancy should be updated in websites. All decisions of HPCs need to be updated in website.

The court further issued directions for proper medical facilities to prisoners who are imprisoned.

Prisons over Burdeneed- During the hearing, K. K. Venugopal and Tushar Mehta urged the bench to pass directions allowing handcuffing of prisoners to avoid physical contact with the policemen.

The bench also hear suggestions made by Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves.

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