A Tribute to Soli J Sorabjee

A virtual condolence meeting was held by BAI to pay tribute to former Attornery General, Soli J Sorabjee.Soli, as his name suggests, was a great soul. His heart was for people’s rights, for which he struggled throughout his life.

Even during the Emergency of 1975 imposed by Indira Gandhi’s Congress government, Mr Sorabjee emerged as a fierce defender of human rights and media freedoms.During the meeting, many of Sorabjee’s friends/colleagues regaled the gathering with interesting anecdotes and little-known facets of Soli Sorabjee.

Soli Sorabjee’s legal legacy lives on in his daughter Zia Mody, who has emerged as one of India’s top corporate lawyers. One of his sons, Jehangir, is a doctor and the other, Hormuzd, a car expert.”Soli J Sorabjee served the office of Attorney General of India twice with great distinction. His humane and compassionate approach defined his legal work. His body of work, spread over nearly seven decades, in defending the fundamental rights and human rights is of international repute.

He will be remembered as a legend who added strength to the pillars of democracy,” said Chief Justice RamannaThe meeting concluded by playing one of the last known interviews of Sorabjee to an online news channel www. theprobe.in , wherein he said that,“If you are not independent, your soul is sold, and if you sell your soul, you sell the soul of democracy in India.”He further added “without independent journalism, democracy is zero.”

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