Calcutta HC Calls For Report From State Govt Regarding Post Poll Violence In West Bengal

A Five-Judge-Bench of the Calcutta High Court on Friday asked a report from the State government on the post poll violence that disturbed the State after the All India Trinamool Congress victory in the 2021 State Assembly elections.

The order passed on Friday said that Mr. Kishore Dutta, learned Advocate General seeks adjournment to file affidavit of the Home Secretary of the State mentioning the areas where the violence has taken place and the steps taken to prevent or control the same. The Court be also asked for the latest status of law and order situation in the State.

Further, the Court consider whether to constitute a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the incidents of violence.

“The present law and order situation in the State of West Bengal post assembly election results is quite alarming. Amidst Covid-19, this kind of heinous activities by different political parties has become a nightmare for the people,” the petition said.

It was submitted that even after repetitive reports filed in various Districts in the State , no effective steps were taken by police and the same created outrageous situation which harms the democracy.

Moreover it was requested from the court that adequate central forces should be alloted to disturbed areas and families those who were killed should be given adequate compensation.

Initially, the matter came up for hearing before a Division Bench which ruled that it should be placed before a larger Bench taking into account the importance of the matter.

The case will be heard again at 2 pm on May 10 and on the same day report has to be submitted.

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