Foreign medical aid should be made available to all and should not be kept like a junk in boxes: Delhi HC

Delhi High Court on Wednesday held that foreign aid i.e., medical equipment is there for helping people in misery due to COVID-19 and is not meant to be kept in boxes alone.

Senior advocate Rajshekhar Rao also an amicus curiae in the matter observed the manner of distribution of medical supplies received as aid to be a concern considering the current situations. He further said that Lady Hardinge Medical College received around 260 oxygen concentrators when it did not require that much.

The bench headed by Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli held that, the medical aid received by the government is supposed to be used to helping people and is not meant to be a junk somewhere in the boxes. It directed the Centre to verify the position on ground in regard to the distribution of medical aids received.

The Court further asked the Centre to facilitate the distribution of foreign aids to voluntary organizations and public services. It held that one must not forget the purpose of receiving of the medical aids and hence should be made available to the people in need.

The Central Government told the bench that it’d provide an SOP developed for distribution of foreign aid by it to Mr. Rajshekhar Rao.

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