Chamarajanagar Incident:-
In this incident 24 Covid patients died due to shortage of Oxygen. Here the Karnataka High Court said and will issue directions to the Central government to immediately increase the quota of Liquid Medical Oxygen to the state.

Advocate General Prabhuling K Navadgi submitted to a court that the requirement of oxygen in the state is 1792 MT per day by May 5

Further he stated that 70% active cases will require oxygenated beds and 3% will require ICU beds with a ventilator. Minimum requirement will be 1162 MT per day as on May 5.

The bench orally asked the Centre’s counsel :- What is your explanation?

Here state need is around 1700 MT per day and you have increased it only to 865?

The bench directed the members of the bar to place on record data of all positive cases reported in all stated, total active cases and quota of oxygen alloted to each state.

So here the court directed the state government to place on record existing guidelines for allocation of oxygen to various cities/ districts /hospitals.

In need of Remdesivir :-
As per directions issued by the court, the allocation of Remdesivir in the state of karnataka is now increased 3,01,000 vials.

But state government informed court on April 30 about requirement of Remdesivir was 35,000 vials per day. But the state is getting 15,800 vials per day.

State Government mentioned that they were not getting Remdesivir to the extent of even 50% of its requirement.

In this case, court appointed amicus curiae and matter will be heard on May 5.

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