Delhi High Court reprimanded Center for lack of oxygen & seeks reply for not finding place for cremation in cremation ghats and cemeteries in Delhi

The corona epidemic continues to wreak havoc. Heavy shortage of oxygen continues across the country, including the capital Delhi. A hearing was held in the Delhi High Court on Tuesday regarding the shortage of oxygen.

The coronavirus pandemic in the country is growing at a rapid pace. The second wave of  the Covid-19  pandemic has gone out of control.Since last week, more than three and a half lakh new patients are reported daily. 

There is an atmosphere of panic due to the continuous increase in the number of deaths from corona patients and covid.

The country’s health system is collapsed. Beds, ventilators, remidesivir and oxygen shortage continue in hospitals across the country. Hundreds of people are dying without treatment. 

“The issue of oxygen supply and distribution needs to be handed over to the Armed forces. Nobody else is able to handle it. It is just not happening,” an advocate told the Delhi High Court.

There is no place in the morgues of the hospitals.Even at the cremation ghats, people have to wait for many hours for the cremation of dead bodies. Vaccination campaigns in many states seem to be eclipsed by the lack of vaccines.

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