Delhi High court tells AAP Government that oxygen Cylinder business is complete mess, our confidence is shaken

The Delhi government has been trying very hard to distribution oxygen cylinders in the national capital, the Delhi high court remarked on Tuesday noting the alarming rise in prices to procure cylinders due to Covid-19.

The government has came down heavily on the Aam Aadmi party on Tuesday for failure to check black marketing of oxygen cylinders and important medicines needed by covid-19 patients.

It was also said that if the state cannot handle the situation then it will ask the central government to take over oxygen cylinders and refill units as it can’t let people die.

A bench of justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli directed the city government to take over plants of refillers of oxygen cylinders in case they fail to maintain supply in hospitals and can also issues contempt notices to five suppliers for not appearing in the hearing despite vultures.

The court said the Delhi government entire system has failed as black marketing of oxygen cylinders and crucial medicines for covid-19 patients.

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