Delhi High Court is disappointed with the Delhi government, claiming that it did not request a 100-bed Covid facility in a 5-star hotel

The Delhi High Court responded angrily to a headline story citing a Delhi government notification stating that 100 rooms at the Ashoka Hotel in Chanakyapuri will be transformed into Covid treatment, solely for Judges as well as other Judicial Officials of the Delhi High Court and their families.

In a suo motu case, the bench headed By justice Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli clarified that the court had never requested such a facility, saying, “You cannot build a center specifically for just any category, this is absolutely incorrect.”

“A lot of attention about Ashoka Hotel,” Justice Sanghi said (has happened). This is very deceptive. The High Court has made no requests, and neither we nor the High Court has made any requests to make it a Covid facility.

The court stated that it was seeking cognizance of the matter and would issue a notice.

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