Supreme Court extends the limitation period to file cases

In March 2020, the Supreme Court had ordered an extension of the limitation period for filing cases under various laws as litigants faced difficulties in that approaching the Court due to the pandemic. 

In March 2021, this extension had ended as there was a considerable improvement in the country, lockdowns were released and the country was returning to normalcy.

The Supreme Court Advocates On Record Association (SCAORA) filed an application in the court seeking the restoration of the order passed by the Court in 2020. 

The application stated that it is necessary to restore the order of 2020, as the second wave of Covid has affected a large number of staff of the Supreme Court.

Through the application, Advocate Abhinav Ramkrishna also sought for the suspension of the limitation period to file cases under general and specific laws.

A Bench of the Supreme Court consisting of Chief Justice of India NV Ramana, Justice Surya Kant and Justice AS Bopanna passed an order regarding the same.

It was stated by the Bench that the second wave of COVID-19 is an alarming situation and has put litigants in hardship. 

It was further stated that the limitation period to file cases which was formally ending in March 2021, shall be extended till further notice. 

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