All persons stepping out should carry Aadhaar card; lockdown violators should be subject to RT-PCR tests: Bombay High Court

The Aurangabad Bench of Bombay High Court recently gave the order that people who step out of their houses either on foot or on vehicles, except during the relaxation hours from 7 am to 11 am from Monday to Friday, should carry Aadhaar card. This order was given in views of the restrictions due to COVID19.

Those who fail to comply with the same can be booked by road traffic police for relevant criminal offences

The bench clarified that doctors, medical and paramedical staff are also expected to carry their Aadhaar cards.

Further, the Court directed that any person violating the COVID guidelines should be subjected to an RT-PCR test and the violators will also be expected to reveal their phone numbers.

The directions were passed when the bench was hearing a suo motu case related to COVID issues. after

The Court also ordered that a person stepping out of the house should ensure that he/ she is wearing a mask properly covering the mouth and nose. It is mandatory to follow COVID guidelines.

Any person not wearing a mask, or improperly wearing a mask will be booked for violating the guidelines under criminal offences.

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