Deep Sidhu, the Red Fort violence accused, has been granted bail by a Delhi court.

Deep Sidhu, was granted bail in a case involving the clashes that erupted after a farmers’ tractor march got violent on Republic Day. This is the second case in which Sidhu has been given bail in relation to the aggression that took place outside the Red Fort on January 26.

“Taking into account the submissions made, I am of the firm belief that Applicant’s continued custody in the current case would yield no result and so would be baseless, nor would the restoration of Applicant’s freedom be harmful to the police institutions’ inquiry,” Metropolitan Magistrate Sahil Gupta said.

When Sidhu was granted bail, the court required him to submit a bail bond of Rs. 25,000 and a surety bond of the same value. The court also put certain restrictions on Sidhu, which are as follows:

1. If and when the suspected party is summoned, he may assist in the inquiry.

2. That the convicted person may appear in court in accordance with the terms of the bond to be enforced.

3. The convicted party may not commit a similar crime in the future.

4. The accused party shall not specifically or implicitly encourage, threaten, or in any manner dissuade witnesses/persons familiar with the facts of the case, or interfere with the proof.

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