Gujarat High Court’s Auditorium to be converted into a Covid Care Centre

The President of Gujarat High Court Advocates Association, Yatin Oza had addressed a letter to the Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court. 

The letter sought permission to convert the Auditorium of the High Court into Covid Care Centres with full care, sanitation, food, and medical needs for advocates and their families.

The letter further stated that all expenses for medicines and treatment would be borne by the the Association.

The Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court, Justice Vikram Nath granted permission with the following guidelines and conditions: 

1. Four rooms of the Auditorium would be made available, for advocates, staff, officers and their family members who test positive.

2. The Association shall ensure availability of sufficient facilities such as masks, gloves, PPE kits, doctors and nurses 

3. The Association has to consult hospitals and set up facilities such as beds, oxygen cylinders, sanitisation and proper disposal of medical waste.

4. Packed food will be allowed, but there will be no provision to cook in the premises.

5. All the other SOPs issued by the Government should be strictly followed.

Apart from these, the High Court would also set up non-Covid rooms at the State Judicial Academy. 

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