The SCBA is opposed to the Supreme Court taking suo motu cognizance of the oxygen and drug shortages

The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has filed an Intervention Application in the Suo Motu cognizance held by the Supreme Court to deal with the crucial situation emerging due to a lack of oxygen supply to hospitals in the Capital Area, as well as a scarcity of life-saving medicines.

The Intervention Application was filed shortly after the Supreme Court took suo motu notice of the intense situation that has arisen as a result of a lack of oxygen in the Capital’s hospitals.

“A substantial number of members of the Supreme Court Bar Association and their families are affected due to COVID,” the SCBA has requested to be impleaded as a party in the case.

The Executive Committee, however, despite having all resources available to it through its numerous respected members as well as its own status, is unable to ensure adequate hospitalization, availability of necessary medicines, and other necessities for its members and their families, making the plight of ordinary citizens incomprehensible.”

The application also indicated that the High Courts seem to be the best placed to deal with the matter, while also requesting that the High Courts be given permission to continue dealing with the current problem.

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