“We are ashamed of f ourselves for being a part of the Nasty Society: Bomabay HC”

The Bombay High Court in the Nagpur Bench pulled up the state government in Wednesday for not supplying enough orders if about 10,000 vials Remdesivir ,anti viral drugs to the hospitals for treating Covid’19 patients in the city .

Affidavit states filed by the joint commissioner and additional collector of Food anDrugs Administration (FDA), Nagpur were bald attempts to shirk with responsibilities .

A bench consisting of justice SuniL Shukre and S M Modak called the district Covid committee for an emergency meet .

They rightly said that if state committee s dont have a shame on their part , the judges are feeling ashamed that they are also the part of this nasty society , and the people out there suffering from Covid’19 are dying in hospitals due to lack of 10k vials of Remdesivir and Tocilizumab injections , and the FDA Authorities said that state has no role to play in supplying the vials and the distribution of 10k vials was meant for that area.

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