The Delhi High Court has ordered the Centre to find an urgent solution to the oxygen shortage and has held the supplier in contempt

The Delhi High Court took the Covid crisis in the capital seriously, mainly the oxygen supply to hospitals, and directed the government to act immediately.

The oxygen manufacturer Inox, which had reportedly deprived the Capital of its proper supply and had not proceeded with the court’s order, is also in contempt and has to appear in court, according to a division bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli. The Bench also asked that the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh appear before it.

The court also issued orders on the intensification of research. It directed the ICMR to offer approvals for setting up/expanding RT-PCR facilities top priority. The court has ordered the Centre and the ICMR to update the form used to send reports, claiming that it is time consuming.

The court also stated that the Centre should review Remdesivir distribution to States and UTs on a regular basis, based on the need or active Covid-19 cases. This is to ensure that life-saving medicines are used to their full potential.

When this was learned that oxygen reserves in different hospitals in Delhi might be about to run out within the next 4-8 hours, the bench intervened.

The Court also stated that, since the figure of COVID patients hospitalisation is greater this year than last, the Centre must allow dedicating more beds to Delhi as soon as possible.

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