Artificial Intelligence should align with our constitutional morality-justice SA Bobde

Chief Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde while addressing a virtual event has stressed that the use of artificial intelligence in Indian judiciary should aligned with constitutional morality. He also asserts that artificial intelligence should be undermine the legal and constitutional rights of Indians. 

The justice SA bobde also said whenever we rely on any technology aid for the judicial making process it must be subject to the Final

Consideration of a human.

The usage of artificial intelligence have to be governed by ethical, legal and constitutional principles. The Chief Justice also informed that the AI committee of the Supreme Court would be developing ethical principles to govern the use of Artificial intelligence in the Indian justice system.

The remarks of the Chief Justice were made in the launch of Vidhi centre for legal policy’s strategy paper on responsible Artificial intelligence for the Indian justice system. 

The other guest in the event were justice(retired) BN Srikrishna , justice L Nageshwara Rao , professor Partha B. Chakrabarti from IIT Kharagpur and Christoph winter.

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