Telangana HC directs Govt to decide on Lockdown or Curfew withinin 48 Hours

The Telangana HC on Monday, directed the TRS government in the state to impose a lockdown or a curfew to contain the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Telangana. The HC further stated if any direction is not issued within 48 hours, the court would be issueing orders implementing the same.

The Court asked the state government for a report on measures to stop the increase in COVID-19 infections in Telangana. The state registered 4,009 cases and 14 deaths on Sunday 18 April.

In the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), the Court requested the government to submit watchdog-wise data about positive cases. It further directed the provision of RT-PCR reports within 24 hours. The state government has been slammed for not putting restrictions on marriage gatherings, including as a result of the second wave of infections across the country. On Friday 23 April, in the next hearing, the government will have to present its response.

It is reported that, before publishing newsletters every day, the State Health Department drastically slashes the number of districts that it receives. For example, when 31 Districts were added, on April 17, there were 4,868 cases, and on this particular day only 1,627 cases were reported by the State government. The actual number was an enormous 66 percent decrease. According to The New Indian Express, the TRS government was faced with allegations that it was underreporting the actual number of cases under COVID-19 in the State.

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