Clearing of Kumbh gathering, enforcing Covid guidelines in elections : PIL SEEKS IN SC

Advocate Sanjai Kumar Pathak filled a petition claiming, “The authorities are not only permitting but facilitating and promoting congregation of people in the events like Kumbh 2021 and election rallies.”

A PIL has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking a administration to clear the mass gathering from Kumbh, Haridwar, and strictly enforcing Covid-19 guidelines in the states where elections are being held and take strict legal action against the violators.

The plea has further mentioned that the Government has turned ignorant towards the violation of Covid-19 guidelines at the Kumbh mela and the election campaigns and rallies that can turn to become super-spreader of the pandemic.

Administrative to immediately take out all advertisements inviting people to Haridwar for Kumbh mela;
Directions clear the mass gathering from Haridwar city as soon as possible and prescribe a safety protocol and Covid 19 guidelines with respect to the people returning from Kumbh to their home;

Do not encourage or promote any gathering or event or object of the Covid guidelines and orders issued;

Strict Direction to the authorities concerned in the States where elections are being held to strictly enforce Covid-19 guidelines against the candidates, campaigners and public during the election process and to take appropriate action against the violators as per in the Law.

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