UK Home secretary allows Neerav Modi’s extradititon

Priti Patel, the UK Home Secretary, approved the deportation of wanted diamond businessman Nirav Modi, who is wanted in India for a Rs 13,500 crore money laundering case involving the Punjab National Bank. Modi’s nearly two-year legal fight against deportation on all levels ended with this decision.

On February 25, a UK court decided in favor of Nirav Modi’s deportation, stating that he may be deported to India to face charges. The Westminster Court decided that there was no proof that Modi would be denied a fair trial in India.

Nirav Modi will be held in a separate cell in Mumbai’s Arthur Road prison after his deportation to India. Modi would be kept in one of three cells of barrack number 12, which is a high-security barrack, according to the jail official.

Modi, who was convicted on a deportation warrant on March 19, 2019, is being held in a UK prison and is facing two criminal cases: a CBI case involving a 13,500 crore scam against PNB through illegal loan agreements, and an ED case involving the money laundering of the profits of that scam.

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