Krishna janmabhoomi case- Plea filed for ASI test

On 16th October Mathura District court admitted a civil appeal filed against dismissing the suit for removal of Masjid Idgah,
as it was built on Shrikrishna Janam Bhoomi.

It is claimed that thr Masjid Idgah was biult after Emperor Aurangzeb encroached into the Krishna janmabhoomi.

The application also states that emperor Aurangzeb burried Krishna’s Idol under the Masjid, for which ASI test is required.

Present case is made refering to case of Gyanvapi mosque, where Varanasi court passed an order for ASI test as it stands near Kashi Vishwanath Temple, the Archaeological Survey of India will show that whether mosque was built over demolition of Kashi temple.

Application was filed on 14th April which will be heard on 10th May. Previously Mathura civil court dismissed the petition stating that “If each and every devotee is allowed to institute such suits, it would Jeopardize the Judicial and Social System”. And so the application is now made in District Court of Mathura.

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