Petition filed in the High Court against Prince Harry Middleton

Case- Palwinder Kaur v. Prince Harry Middleton

The petitioner who is a Lawyer approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court, and sought to take action against Prince Harry Middleton, as he had not fulfilled his promise of marrying her.

The petitioner produced emails which show that the Prince had promised to marry her. She also stated that she has never visited UK but has interacted with the Prince on social media.

She further prayed that an arrest warrant should be issued by the United Kingdom Police Cell against the Prince.

A Single Judge Bench of the High Court consisting of Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan, stated that this petition is a “Day Dreamers Fantasy about Marrying Prince Harry”

The Court further stated that is a well-known fact that fake IDs are created on social media accounts and the authenticity of this cannot be relied upon by the Courts.

The Court found no ground to entertain this petition and dismissed it.

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