Bombay High court Orders : Covid ’19 under Electronic Surveillance

COVID-19 is the biggest current hot topic of 2020. The waves of the pandemic has led to national lockdowns all over the world, in turn initiating almost industry-wide shutdowns and stopworks . In 19th August, almost 22million cases have been reported in more than 188 countries. The United Kingdom still remains one of the worst affected in terms of confirmed cases.

The Nagpur Bench , Bombay High court directed information to All rescpected heads of different platforms to prepare prososal for the issue of CCTV surveillance , in the corridors of Quarantined Centers or institutions and where there is no such corridors then in other suitable places to record the “Electronic Surveillance” thus keeping a check on the movements of the quarantined patients inside and outside as well as the precautions they are taking under State Expenses .

The court gave a time of 10 days from the order to send the names of the state and central government to copy and record the proposal .

The bench consisting of Justice Sunil B Shukre and Justice Avinash G Gharote duly appointed a Nagpur Covid 19 committee on 7 th April 2021 to convane reports on”emergency situation arising out of explosion of Covid- 19 pandemic at Nagpur” project , The commitee had submitted various reports and suggeted various measures, precautions to deal with situation.

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