Supreme court to hear a plea against some verses in Quran

The Supreme Court will hear a petition alleging that certain verses in the Holy Quran contradict the law of the land, encourage violence and terrorism, and pose a significant threat to the nation’s security, unity, and dignity. The plaintiff is asking for an order declaring certain verses illegal, ineffective, and inoperative.

The Supreme Court’s three-judge bench, consisting of Justices Rohinton Fali Nariman, B.R. Gavai, and Hrishikesh Roy, will hear the petition, which also asks for guidance to select a panel of religious experts to have advice on the petition’s subject matter.

Syed Wasim Rizvi, former Chairman of the U.P. Central Waqf Board and President of the All India Shia Yateem Khana, has filed an application alleging that several God’s Almighty (Allah) messages left in the Holy Quran are divisive and encourage hate and violence.

It claims that it is not a case of religious belief, but rather of fostering a radical mentality and providing an inappropriate and unintended education to radicalize Muslim youth and promote terrorism, citing the aforementioned inappropriate verses of the Holy Book.

The claim goes on to say that the case affects the whole Islamic religion, which is mocked around the world because of the interpretations of the verses in question, which have no foundation or nexus with the goals of the Holy Book.

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