Enormous damage caused to society if courts do not function: Karnataka High Court

The Karnataka High Court recently observed that if the courts do not function due to lawyers strike it will affect the litigants and impact the society while hearing a criminal contempt petition registered against lawyers for boycotting court work.

The Court additionally stated that the functioning of the courts is being conducted with great difficulty due to COVID 19.Pertinently, the Court stated that it was the litigants who will suffer if Courts do not function.The Court further submitted that if an undertaking is provided, the matter would come to an end.

At this juncture, the advocate appearing for the accused opined that lawyers were protesting because of the recent incident in Mandya where a lawyer was murdered in court premises.

The Court also clarified that the purpose of this contempt petition was not to have any lawyer behind bars but only to secure the cooperation of lawyers.

The Advocate General too gave the opinion that a lenient view should be taken if the advocates express regret and give the undertaking.

Therefore, the Court asked the advocate appearing for the accused persons to place on record an affidavit stating that it will abide by the law laid down by the Supreme Court and give unconditional apology.

The matter is scheduled to be heard on April 22.

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