Lawyers are exempted from paying GST/ service tax do not harass them by giving notices: Orissa High Court

The High court of Orissa directed the GST commissioner to issue guidelines and instruct all the officers in the GST commission to not demand any kind of service tax /GST to practising lawyers.

It is to be noted that despite knowing fully well that advocates are not liable for any kind of GST / service tax continuous notice has been issues by GST commissionerate.

Court has also express concern that lawyer should not face any kind of harassment on department issuing notices and calling them to pay GST/ service tax when they are exempted.The court has taken into consideration a writ petition filed by lawyer Devi Prasad Tripathy challenging a notice issued to him.

The bench perused the counter affidavit filed by principal commissioner GST in which it was stated that after receiving information from Devi Prasad Tripathy also has PAN number as proof of showing that he was praticing advocate in Orissa high court.

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