ASI survey gets Clearance from Varanasi Court for Kashi Vishwanath Mandir

In the year 1991, a petition was filed which contended that GyanVapi Masjid is the part of Vishwanath Mandir and therefore we (Hindus) should have the right to have darshan, pujapath and repairs as well.
He also claimed that the famous shivling of temple is installed in disputed area.

The district court ordered to conduct an archaeological survey of temple and Gyanvapi Mosque.

This survey will be headed by director of ASI and the expenses will be taken care by central and state government.

The team will consist of 5 male members,where 2 members will be from minority community. The observer of survey will be from field of science and technology to whom the report will be submitted daily.

The survey will be done with the help of Ground Penetrating Radar technology and Geo Radiology System. The survey will be videographed and photograph will also be taken.

The court ordered that during survey muslim citizens will not be stopped from offering Namaz. Media will be not allowed to present during survey and media can’t interact with survey administrators.

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