Lawyers can play an important role in reducing pendency by advising clients to settle disputes at pre-litigation stage: Justice NV Ramana

The Supreme Court Judge Justice NV Ramana opined at a convocation ceremony of the Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University (DSNLU), Vishakapatnam that lawyers can play a major role in reducing the pendency of cases by advising their clients to settle their disputes at the pre-litigation stage itself.

He recommended that lawyers should give proper advice to their clients on how to go ahead with their claims and petitions without abusing the process of law and also keep in mind their duty to their clients and to the Courts.

He added that law students should be made to understand from the start about the true duty of a lawyer as they are the future.

According to him, a good quality legal education is extremely important. A good legal knowledge would help in decreasing the pending cases in courts. He also stated that large number of law colleges in the country are below par and the judiciary is making attempts to resolve this issue.

Justice Ramana encouraged law students to use their skills and legal education to the fullest to help vulnerable people who are victims of human rights atrocities either by the State or by anti-social elements.

He believes that lawyers are the stewards of this nation and custodians of a very rich tradition.

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