Goa appoints its new Ombudsman

Goa appoints it’s news Ombudsman, Justice (retd.) Ambadas Joshi, a retd. Judge of Bombay High Court. It comes after nearly seven months of the retirement of the last Ombudsman due to the state’s inaction on his 21 reports.

Justice (retd.), Prafulla Kumar Misra, who retired as Ombudsman in September,2020 said that at the time when he was Ombudsman of Goa, there was lack of powers and also there was a lot of corruption there at Goa.

However, after his retirement, the Goa assembly passed the Lokayukta amendment bill on January 27 which was proposed by the Chief Minister of Goa.

The amendment bill changed a total of 8 sections of Lokayukta Act,2011.

After which now a retd. Judge of any High Court can now be appointed as the Lokayukta whereas earlier only the retd. Judge of the Supreme Court and retd. Chief Justice of the High Court could be appointed.

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