Gujarat Assembly passes freedom of religion Amendment Bill 2021

The Gujarat assembly on 1st April 2021 has passed the Gujarat freedom of religion (Amendmend) Bill 2021 which seeks for fraudulent, illegal and forcible religious conversions by marriage and it will also amend the Gujarat freedom of Religion Act,2003.

The bill also has provisions of punishment with a minimum imprisonment of 3 years(extend to 5 years) and fine case of an individual conversion the punishment will be 4 years (extend to 7 years) in the case of minor, woman or an SC/ST.

The previous act only deals with two categories of allurement or offer of temptation which includes any gift, cash or any other benefits.

The bill has already been passed in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The amendment bill which was submitted in Gujarat assembly on Tuesday seeks to prohibit and punish religious conversions promising better lifestyle,divine blessings and impersonation.

The amendment to the Dharma seatantrya (religious freedom ) Bill, 2021 will be presented in the ongoing budget session with certain charges with regard to forced conversions.

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