A news portal in Kannada Pratidhvani approaches the Karnataka HC against IT Rules, 2021

A new portal, Pratidhvani in Kannada which is managed and run by a non-profit company named Truth Pro Foundation India (TPFI), has recently approached the High Court of Karnataka in order to challenge the newly issued Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (IT Rules) which aim to regulate the digital content in the country.

The petition has clearly said that he aims to only challenge those rules that are directly affecting the digital news portal and his Petition has nothing to do with the publishers of online curated content.

It is firmly submitted that the new amended IT Rules are ultra vires the parent Information Technology Act, as the new notifications seek to virtually legislate on the manner of conduct of those online entities that do not even come under the purview of the parent Act and hence must be struck down or called off.

This petition was filed in the High Court by the learned advocate Rakesh Bhatt. The newly amended IT Rules 2021, which were issued on February 25 of this year, have fallen prey to heavy criticism and have been alleged of being too broad. A number of challenges have been filed across various High Courts in the country against these rules.

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