_Justice KU Chandiwal appointed for the Judicial Inquiry Against Anil Deshmukh

On Tuesday, Shiv Sena Govt appointed former Judge of Bombay High Court Justice KU Chandiwal for inquiry against Deshmukh. Justice KU Chandiwal is appointed to conduct a high level judicial inquiry into corruption allegations against Home Minister of Maharashtra Anil Deshmukh.

The report of the same would be submitted within 6 months.Chief justice of Bombay High Court Dipankar Satta took a decision on a Criminal PIL filed by Singh and appointed Chandiwal for judicial enquiry against Anil Deshmukh.Singh was shunted out of the CPs office and transferred to the Maharashtra Police’s Home Guards Department on March 18.

Singh wrote an explosive letter to Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on March 20, making serious allegations of corruption against Deshmukh.

The State Government notification issued on Tuesday mentions three reference points.

1. Does Singh’s letter dated March 20, prove any wrong-doing or criminal act on part of the home minister or anyone from his office.

2. Based on the letter written by Param Bir Singh after his transfer and based on the alleged information provided by ACP Sanjay Patil and API Sachin Waze, is a bribery related crime warranting investigation by the Anti-Corruption Bureau or any other agency made out against Deshmukh or any other official of his office.

3. Report is sought on the first to points from Justice Chandiwal.

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