Parliament panel calls for clear definition of unfair trade practices for E-Commerce to Government

The prices which are set by various E-commerce firms are leading to cut the competition and it may harm the consumers in the future.

it has been recommended by parliamentary paneti government for announcing a more clear and descriptive definition of what is unfair trade practice along with legal remedy.

This committee is headed by Partap Singh Bajwa, member of parliament in its report on the The consumer protection (E-Commerce) Rules,2020 which was presented in the last parliament session.In the same report The recommendation was also made for fixing the delivery charges that are been levied by various E-commerce companies.

It was noted by the committee that though e-commerce offers various benefits, offers and discounts. And this has rendered consumers to various new forms of unfair trade practices,privacy violation and various unattended grievances.

There were various other recommendations made by the parliament to the government for consumer as well as e-commerce companies.The report has also raised concerns about the consumer data and privacy of consumers.

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