Karnataka High Court: Penal action against people not wearing facemasks in public rally.

The Karnataka High Court gave directions to the state to ensure Covid-19 protocol in public rallies. The court directed to take penal actions against people who are violating the protocol by not wearing masks and not maintaining social distance.

The action has been initiated against people who participated in the rally that was held on March 23, which violated the Covid-19 protocols.Two incidents were highlighted by the counsel appearing on behalf of the petitioner.

The memo of the petitioner pointed out the following two events:

1. Film promotion by actor Puneeth RajKumar.

2. Political rally of BJP party which was attended by Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa.

The bench consisted of Chief Justice Abhay Oka and Justice Suraj Govindaraj.

They observed that the photographs OF the events show that a large number of people have participated and many have violated the Covid-19 protocol.

Therefore, the court gave directions to the state to look into the memo filed by the petitioner and the photographs, and to take penal action against them in accordance with law.

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