Gokarna Temple Dispute: Matter should be decided by Civil Court- SC

The Supreme Court has postponed the hearing on a petition filed by Ramachnadapura Math challenging the Karnataka High Court’s decision to create a “supervising body” and give the administration of the Gokarna Temple to the committee rather than the petitioner Math.

During today’s hearing, the Supreme Court’s three-judge bench, led by CJI S.A. Bobde and Justices A.S. Bopanna and V. Ramasubramanian, stated that the current case should be resolved by Civil Courts and not by them.

The Ramachnadapura Math filed the current SLP after losing control of the administration of the Gokarna Temple due to a high court ruling.

After hearing arguments for the entire day, the bench was leaning toward ordering that the case be examined in civil court or that the commissioner of endowment be enquired into and resolved under section 50 of the Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act, 1997.

The CJI also stated that since the management of the temple is the point of conflict, it should not be granted to either the Complainant or the Defendant until the civil court rules on the case. Following that, the court stated that temporary supervision of the temple’s administration is with the “Oversight Committee” established by the Karnataka High Court’s decision.

The case was adjourned by the bench and will be heard after the Holi holiday.

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