Plea filed in Bombay High Court to mandate use of A4-size paper for pleadings in Maharashtra courts

A petition has been filed before the Bombay High Court to obtain directions to use.A4 size paper printed on both sides. It was mentioned in the petition to make this obligatory for filing of all pleadings in the High Court and all subordinate courts in Maharashtra.

The petition was filed by advocate Ajinkya Mohan Udane.

He stated that using of A4 size paper will help in saving huge amounts of paper and storage space and consequently will save large number of trees thereby assisting in protection of environment and wildlife.

In this regard, reliance became positioned on Article 48A which encourages the State to protect and improve environment and safeguard forests and wildlife.

In the petition, Article 51A(g) was additionally referred to which makes it a duty of every citizen to protect and improve natural environment.

An identical petition was earlier filed in October 2020 by advocate Joshi with the same requests.

The Court directed the petitioner to approach the administrative side after hearing the plea.

Consequently, the first plea by Joshi was withdrawn and a representation was filed before the Registrar General.

The petitioner in the current case had appeared for Joshi in that case and made a representation to the Registrar on December, 2020 according to the directions given by court.

Since they did not get any reaction to the earlier representation, Udane approached the High Court with the present petition.

The plea additionally sought directions to the appropriate authority to make amendments in the Bombay High Court (Appellate Side) Rules, 1960 and Bombay High Court (Original Side) Rules, 1980 so as to implement the use of A4 paper printed on both sides.

They further informed the Court about notifications and directions issued by different High Courts in the country which allowed filings in A4 size paper printed on both sides.

The case of Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, Kerala, Karnataka and Kolkata High Courts were highlighted in this regard.

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